Low Doc Loans

Low Documentation Loans - "Low Doc Loans"

If you are self-employed and unable to meet the up to date financial documentation requirements necessary to secure a car loan to meet your needs and objectives Bee Finance can source finance that is provided on a Low Documentation or "Low Doc" basis.

Generally financiers require two years of personal and business financial returns to support your application and this is often not possible at the time you wish to apply for the finance.

The term 'Low Doc' loans are taken from the home loan industry and some vehicle loan providers may label them differently, but they are similar to that of a 'Low Doc' home loan for vehicle loans, with two points of difference. You aren't penalised by a higher interest rate if you were to use this option and the vehicle must be used predominantly for business purposes.

Bee Finance has access to providers of 'Low Doc' car loans that have more flexible documentation and income verification requirements allowing you to avoid unnecessary “Red Tape” and onerous documentation requirements. There are some other criteria involved in apporving this type of loan, however Bee Finance has access to lenders that provide these types of loans and is experienced in getting these loans approved.