Loans For Work Visa / Student Visa Holders

Loans For Work Visa / Student Visa Holders

Clients that hold a Work, Student or Visitors-Visa or a have a non-resident status are able to source Vehicle Finance through Bee Finance.

Bee Finance specialises in providing sources of funding to individuals with Work, Student or Visitors Visas regardless of the term of the visa. There is criteria associated with getting these applications approved however Bee Finance is very experienced with these applications and gets many deals approved for Visa holders.

We have staff that are fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Tagalog (Phillipino) that can assist with Visa holders. We also provide sources of funding for english speaking migrants from various countries such as Australia, South Africa, The UK and US. In some cases clients have limited credit records in New Zealand, however Bee Finance is conversant with the issues surrounding short-credit records and is able to source finance with this limitation.

Bee Finance also specialises in financing clients with International Driver Licences. There are special requirements under New Zealand law that governs the status of Overseas and International Driver Licences. Bee Finance is conversant with the regulations surrounding International Driver Licences and obtains finance for clients with these licences on a weekly basis.

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